PAWS offers a low income spay and neuter program.  Please drop by the shelter at 811 S. Hobart St to complete an application.  Your total household income will determine the amount of payment you will be required to pay.  We try to collect at least $15.00.  We also need you to bring one of the following:  a copy of your last two pay stubs, SSI, Disability, Medicade card, or Lone Star card.  We can make a copy for you.
Be a responsible pet owner and have your pet spayed or neutered.  We see dozens of puppies and kittens come in and most become ill because their immune system is not developed.  The shelter has to put down so many puppies due to illness or lack of space.  Please join us in stopping the senseless killing of these tiny little creatures.  Do not use lack of funds as an excuse, we are here to help.    
The shelter is open to the public Noon-6 Monday thru Friday and 3-5 Saturday and Sunday. 
Shelter number:  806-669-5775
Let us help!